Art Goals For 2019

My art goal for 2019 is to make more drawings, paper, mixed media, and scratchboard art. Such as the following:


A Question Framed (Synthesis)

I call this piece, A Question Framed (Synthesis). It is a mixed media artwork on illustration board.

This is a favorite conceptual artwork of mine. I have used it as the cover art for my third book of poetry, The Riddle And The Dedication II, which will be out soon.

Brain And Chain

I call this, Brain And Chain. It is an 18″ x 24″ acrylic painting on canvas.

This is a conceptual painting/self portrait. Why is my brain exposed and what’s up with the chain? This symbolizes mental suppression. The ability to express myself has never come easy. Why? I did not grow up in a household or an environment that made it easy to express myself. I did not grow up around many people who encouraged me to do so. Most of the time I was not allowed to do so. I was in fact not completely free to be myself and speak my mind. I painted this painting when I was at University. While there I experienced a freedom that I had not yet experienced. I hadn’t had that freedom to show that I had a personality before then. Creating this artwork was my way of communicating those things to my audience.

This painting was one of a series of conceptual acrylic paintings I did, as a course portfolio project. Painting was my chosen concentration, so I did more painting than ceramics, printmaking, photography, or drawing. And I’m proud to say for a long time this has been a favorite among art goers, has been in many art shows, and was finally sold last year. I’m happy to say that someone (a physician no less) appreciated its meaning and value, and has given it a very nice home. That’s all an artist can ask. Doctor’s seem to be very attracted to this piece. I’ve had one express interest but pass it up and another like it enough to purchase it. I’m just glad I could move people with my creations.

Skull, Butterfly, Rose

Skull, Butterfly, Rose. 11″ x 14″ Graphite drawing on drawing paper.

Another Still Life of mine. In this drawing, I included a white rose. A white rose symbolizes death. Previously I discussed the meaning behind the elements in my conceptual artworks. This rose contributes to the theme of death. Death in a good or bad way? In this piece, the white rose symbolizes death, not as a positive thing, but more of a final thing.

Dreaming Of Art

I always forget to take my own photos of my at my art exhibits and receptions. I’m so busy signing things, shaking hands, speaking, and chatting with other artists and guests. I will have to ask the photographers and friends who did take photos to send them to me, so I can share them. Here is one though of one wall from my latest show.

Again, I say thanks a bunch to my family, friends, fellow artists, and all the new aquaintances that came out to my art exhibition/reception “Dreaming Of Art,” a group show commemorating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrating local African American artists. It was cold as the North Pole that night, but we had a great turnout anyway. I had fun meeting and talking with everyone, the adorable curious young people as well as the encouraging knowledgeable experienced people. They were awesome and much appreciated. Shows like this one make it great to be an artist.

Also, I am flattered and honored that I was asked to be on the Featured Artist Committee by the staff and curators of my favorite art gallery. That those in charge have come to appreciate my vision, expertise, and opinion means a great deal to me. That those in charge have faith enough in my abilities and my judgement to pass the baton to me and put me in charge, means a lot to me. I feel inspired and motivated to make them proud. That I am appreciated for being somewhat of a youthful veteran in art is awesome. I love my supportive sweetheart workmates and every minute of being in my new position, recommending, meeting and welcoming new artists to the gallery. I’m glad that my hard work and efforts have paid off and I’m glad that I have such a special opportunity to give back to the art community just by being me.

Dots On Hot Pink

I call this Dots On Hot Pink. An acrylic painting on stretched canvas. 30 x 40 inches.

I enjoy working on large canvases nowadays. This one I did as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could do it. I like how it turned out. The hardest part was doing the measurements, trying to figure out how to space all the dots out on the canvas evenly. Other than that I had fun creating this piece. Painting dots is somewhat relaxing and fulfilling for me. I have this one on the wall in my studio now. Maybe I’ll sell it. Maybe I won’t. Who knows?